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How To Find Your Creativity With a 9 to 5 Lifestyle

by Ben Douglas on June 18, 2020

          I think it’s safe to say that the majority of us are at least familiar with sifting away our days in a job that isn’t quite where we want to be. Often, it’s a stepping stone towards something grander, and for others it can be a financial enabler for a particular creative lifestyle or outlet. Whatever the reasons, chances are there’s something you’d rather be doing 


          For those who still work full-time or near to it, coming home from work each day most likely leaves you feeling heavy and fatigued, both mentally and physically. Kicking back and playing games or scrolling through memes in bed probably sounds like exactly what your body and mind needs, right?! Honestly, yes, sometimes this is absolutely true. But too much of this can also lead to bad perpetual habits where suddenly years have passed, and the days are a constantly repeated loop as though you were in groundhog day!  


          Some people are happy with this, and that is perfectly fine- if not great! But for the rest of us, we’re looking for something a little more. While we’re not all in a position to just leave our jobs and go soul-searching, what we can do is learn to balance our jobs and day to day lives with our search to find our creativity.  


          So, where do we start? Well, the answer is the mindset. Now before you roll your eyes because that’s something every Instagram life-coach would say, there is nonetheless a hell of a lot of truth to it. You see, there is a small amount of time between your long day at work and soon after getting home where you can reset your mindset to either feel the need to collapse when you walk through the front door, or feel revitalised and ready to find fulfilment. It sounds extreme, I know, but trust me on this.  


          I often find myself using time in the car to listen to podcasts. As driving between A to B is usually a good downtime occupied with jamming out to your favourite tracks, it’s also a time to do some passive learning and enlightenment! While you’re driving, you can’t watch a video and you can’t read a blog. But you can listen! Imagine all the hours you spend driving over a month that could be spent listening to any topic that interests you. For me, listening to a podcast on the way home usually spells the difference between me even having mental energy or not once I arrive home. I find that it stimulates my mind rather than depletes it. This is the first and most easy step, we all have smart phones and there are podcasts on just about every topic you can think of so take your pick and have fun! 


          The next step is really just exploring and finding that realm of creativity that interests you. There’s no rush here, just take your time and have a little look at everything, listen to podcasts like TED Talks that broadly cover certain topics and you may discover your interests that way. If you already know what tickles your fancy, then that’s great! It’s time to indulge in learning and hearing from those in that field. Outside of the car-time podcasts, watch YouTube videos and research on Google to get a sense of what is involved. You want to find something that actually gives you energy when you do it, something that energises you!  

          Once you start to narrow down what drives you, the research no longer feels like a task, but you’re driven to learn more and start to try your hand at it yourself! These are the very first and simple ways to get started finding your creativity, especially in the working world. From here, the rest is easy – the hard part is getting the ball moving and the rest comes naturally, so go for it! 


          Let us know the different ways that you get your creative flow moving!

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