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Is Business Creative?

by Jett Potter on June 18, 2020

If you can draw, people call you creative. If you can take photos, people call you creative. If you run a business, are you still creative?




  1. relating to or involving the use of the imagination or original ideas to create something.


Creativity is just using original ideas to create something. By that definition, I would argue that the accepted social idea of creativity needs to be expanded. This series will explore the less traditional ways people are creative and may even open your eyes to a creative world that lies at your doorstep.


I love business. I love charts, and graphs, and meetings. Not a conventional topic for creativity. I am sure that many of you consider the business in your life, whether that be your job or your business a creative drain. I, however, use business as my creative outlet.


Think of a business. Let’s say you sell helmets. Not the most exciting product. But to me, it is an opportunity to create. Of course, there are easy ways to be creative


  • Let's make them in different colours
  • Let's put characters on them
  • Let's make them look like animals


And that is a form of creativity. But I told you that I loved charts. So how I love to be creative is asking questions like:

How can we change the process for selling helmets that can increase the line on that chart?

Maybe, the helmets need to be sold online. Too simple. Maybe we need a spokesperson. Everyone has one. To survive in business, you must differentiate yourself from everyone else in the industry. It is a competition to see who can be the most creative and the most innovative. And you play the game every day.


A baker that sells bread has been done. But a baker that sells pasties that are in the shape of beloved cartoon characters. Now that is a bakery I would be lining up for. It's not just the products that can be creative. Instead of paying for an expensive delivery driver and the delivery vehicle. The bakery uses the delivery drivers from the pizza place next door and gives them a cut. No other baker is doing that. So, is that a creative solution?


I like to think about what everyone is doing and what if I did the complete opposite. Would it work? Uber did it. In an industry of regulations and licences of who can drive people around. Uber said anyone can. Airbnb did it. Hotels are about getting away from home. Airbnb argues that a home is the perfect place to get away to. 


Business is problem solving. Problem solving is designing a solution and designing is the release of creativity. I am hoping more people can start looking at the mundane and seeing the creativity that lies below the surface.


If you would like to hear more about creativity in different places leave a comment below.

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