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What Constitutes as Creativity in 2020?

by Ben Douglas on June 18, 2020

          If you roll back the clocks to when all our parents were children, the idea of ‘creativity’ was not as diverse as it is now. Creativity was considered in a more traditional sense as expression through art or design, but is that still what we consider as ‘creativity’ today?  I think it’s fair to say that it’s up to interpretation, creativity is something different to every person depending on what their perception of what ‘creative’ really means.  


          Obviously, a lot has changed over the years. The world has become more connected than ever before and knowledge and skills have been more accessible than ever too. As technology has evolved and grown, so has the ability for people to express themselves. We have more tools now to be creative and show the world what we can create, so how has this affected the premise of ‘creativity’? If creativity is no longer just the traditional sense of art, design and music – then what is it?  


          I think creativity lies within nearly everything. It can be a way of thinking, an approach to problem-solving. It may be a new perspective or way of doing things in relation to something mundane and common place. For example, preparing food has a level of creativity in its own right, we put together raw, basic ingredients and turn them into something unique that only those ingredients together can make – but can we take it further? Can the way we cook the food or present it be explored differently? Will adding or removing ingredients to the recipe make something new? This idea can be applied to pretty much anything.  


          Have a think about how your desk is laid out (if you have one). You’ll find that everything may have a particular placement that is informed by how you use the space. The same goes for the other spaces in your home, it’s all related to how you use and interact with each part of your home, even down to the small details. This stems from a fundamental level of creative design thinking within each of us.  


          Creative thinking changes the way we view and interact with many things in our lives. It’s a more adventurous and explorative way of seeing that allows us to understand things beyond what they are and as they appear. 


          Let me know some other unsuspecting creative thoughts OR even challenge me to find the creativity in something mundane! Comment below! :)

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