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Through the Looking Glass
Through the Looking Glass
Through the Looking Glass
by Megan

Through the Looking Glass

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The Story

Through the Looking Glass is probably the most serene and easy-going pieces I did for Venue, but it’s also one of the most meaningful for me. It captures two key ideas.

The first is that it represents what art is for me; a window to explore and experience different worlds, ideas and experiences.

The second is that it encompasses the way that I have been teaching myself to experience the world. It is a reminder that there is beauty and magic always loitering within the mundane. Especially in today’s society, it can be so easy to become overwhelmed by the pressure and stress placed upon us, and the reality is that it is never ending; there is always bills to pay, relationship to maintain, chores to do.

We’re taught that eventually all this effort will lead us to the big trophy of happiness and contentment. Over the last year in my life I have been teaching myself to contest this idea, or at least the order of it! I suppose my view is similar to the saying “it’s the journey, not the destination that matters”. Of course goals are important for our growth, but I no longer want to be so  focused on trying to get somewhere else that I lose sight of the beautiful moments around us in the here and now.


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Designed in Australia, this artwork is printed on a soft woven canvas. It hangs effortlessly by wooden hangers that snap together with ease using our integrated magnets. Sounds good hey?