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by Megan


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The Story

I first sketched the idea for this illustration years ago while listening to Utada Hikaru's song "Devil Inside". The original concept was far more grungy with the main character being a little more "normal" with the focus on the devil shaped shadow behind her and was overall a far more introspective concept.

My experience over the last few years has been far more outward focused with trying to understand other’s behaviour so when I looked at the concept this year with this new perspective, I decided I wanted this piece to be more of a generalised representation of the observations I've made on the people around me, and the way we behave. 

We all honestly do our best to hide that shadow in whatever way we can; beauty, success, wealth, experience, love, popularity, rebellion. Some of us don't even know it's there or what it looks like until something in our life forces it to the surface for us to finally confront. In my struggles to figure out other people I've only really come to accept two things:

- That there isn't really a way to ever understand someone else fully.

- But that everyone, even the most beautiful or seemingly put together people you will meet, has their own demons they face in the shadows. 

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Designed in Australia, this artwork is printed on a soft woven canvas. It hangs effortlessly by wooden hangers that snap together with ease using our integrated magnets. Sounds good hey?